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Urban Gardens

Project 1 Before:


The Requirement: the garden to be smart and contemporary, reflecting elegant Italian style.  Two sitting areas are required, by the house for morning and at the end to catch the evening sun.  The garden should be very low maintenance and should include a simple water feature.

Project 1 After:    (click each picture to enlarge)

The Solution: Beautiful smooth sandstone paving in a rectilinear pattern, matched by planting beds edged with clipped box
The railings dividing the two halves of the garden were specially made to match those on a Juliet balcony overlooking the garden.  The trellis will be covered in ivy.

Interesting details are a mirror that will reflect the planting, and a trompe-l'oeil painting of an Italian landscape, produced by the client.

Henry Betts,
07789 693 850

Project 2 Before:    





The Requirement: the garden to be smart, simple, private, making the best of the small space.  Include a small pond and integral seating with storage for garden tools.

Project 2 After:      (click each picture to enlarge)


The Solution: Rectilinear shapes at 45 degrees to the boundary have the effect of widening the long narrow garden.   Two ponds and wide low walling at comfortable sitting height are incorporated into the overall pattern. 

At the end of the garden is space for a table and umbrella, and a tiny sentry-box toolshed.  Overhead timberwork, which will be covered with climbing plants, gives a feeling of enclosure. 

The materials and paving pattern give a smart, clean look that will be softened by planting in time.

Landscaper: Henry Betts 07789 693 850

Project 3 Before:


The Requirement: A relaxed, informal garden with a central focus to give the feel of a southern European courtyard.  There should be plenty of space for visitors, and the gardening requirement should be minimal.

Project 3 After:    (click each picture to enlarge)


The Solution: A gentle slope in this small town garden is a design opportunity. 
Different levels provide interest and alternatives for sitting on the low walls. 

Paving detail is a decorative element while the timberwork encloses the central terrace to give a feeling of relaxed privacy. 

Landscaper: Nick Baldwin 07801 284 377

Planting is minimal and architectural.
The client will add their own selection of potted plants in the Spanish manner.

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